Hello there !

My name is Antoine Rose

I am a 22 years old Electronics Engineer. I graduated in 2014 from INSA Rennes, a renowned Engineering school in France where I studied Electronics and Industrial IT Engineering. I am currently working in the UK as a Graduate Software Engineer as part of the PowerVR Video Team for Imagination Technologies.

My interest for programming, and specifically for web technologies, pushed me into building my own place on the web. This is a good opportunity for me to introduce myself to the world, and showcase a few of my skills and ideas.

Here, you will find my resume, information for contacting me, and my portfolio. Please note that this website is still under development.

The things I do

I have studied electrical and electronic engineering for 2 years and obtained a Higher National Diploma at the University Institute of Technology in Poitiers, France. This led on allowing me to specialize in electronics and industrial IT at INSA for the following 3 years, focusing on different sides of the domain: micro-controllers, embedded systems and real-time constraints, SoC and FPGA, DSP and electronics in general.

In 2012 and 2013, I completed two internships at Emsytech, a company specialized in audio software. I integrated one of their products on a 'BeagleBoard' (ARM-based embedded platform) and designed several web-interfaces. I also joined them to attend IBC 2013 in Amsterdam, a major professional broadcast convention.

In 2014, I completed my final internship, working 6 months in one of Thales' research centers, Thales Research & Technology in Palaiseau, France.

My education and experiences let aside, I have a creative mind I feed through various personal experiences (websites development, music creation, and others).

Don't hesitate to have a look at my resume for more details about me !

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